Death in Diamonds Chapter 9

As I stepped out of Terry Perez’s apartment and started down the first flight of steps, a young Hispanic man started walking up. “Hey man, what ju doin’ comin’ from my girl apartment?” He asked. His accent was as thick as Terry’s.
“Visiting a friend,” I said.
“I don’t know ju.”
“You’re not my friend.”
“What are ju, a smart ass?”
“You’re Ramon?”
Ramon was in his early twenties, five and a half feet tall and a hundred thirty-five pounds. His jet black hair combed straight back and he had tattoos on his neck and arms. He also adopted an attitude. His brown eyes were cold. He was wearing a new pastel blue workout suit with black high top Reebok basketball shoes. He smelled of cheap flowery cologne.
“What ju doin’ with Terry?”
“Did ju pay her?”
“For what?” I asked.
“Doing business.” So Terry turned tricks on the side.
“We were doing my business, not hers.”
“Did ju pay her?” The kid had a one track mind.
“What’s jor business?” He asked.
“What ju talk about?”
“What things?”
“If I wanted you to know, I’d tell you,” I said.
“Ju better tell me or I’ll kick jor ass,” Ramon said. I stood there quietly with a blank look on my face and waited. I didn’t have to wait long.
Ramon swung at me with a roundhouse right. I moved my head a half inch to the left and all he hit was air. I jabbed with a short left to his nose. I heard the crunch of bone breaking and saw the blood running down his face dripping on his new blue workout jacket. I followed with with an overhand right to his nose putting my entire body behind the punch. His nose flattened. Ramon fell backwards and rolled down the flight of steps. Terry, who was standing in the open doorway watching us, ran past me down the stairs to where the unconscious Ramon lay.
“Ju killed him, ju killed him,”she shouted up to me.


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