Death in Diamonds Chapter 9 cont’d

I walked down the stairs taking my time stepping over the prone Ramon and around Terry. When I reached the landing, I turned to Terry and quietly whispered to her, “tonight” and walked quietly out the building.
Once outside, I grabbed my right hand with my left hand. It hurt like hell. I sat behind the wheel of my Jeep Cherokee rubbing the feeling back into my right hand and flexing my fingers. Nothing broken.
When the feeling returned to my hand, I pulled out my cell phone and called Crystal’s. “Boyle,” I said when he came on the line. “I just got through talking with Terry Perez. The only truthful thing she told me was get out. I told her we talked to her gentleman and she was gone fifteen minutes. She gave me three different accounts of what she did after between getting the champagne from you and returning to her gentleman. All of them lies.”
“You didn’t really talk to the gentleman, did you?” Boyle asked.
“No, of course not. I don’t even know who he was. But Terry doesn’t know that.””
“You lied to her?”
“Of course.”
“Good,” Boyle said with a chuckle. “We know she stole the necklace.”
“Yes. But I can’t prove it, yet,” I said.
“Jake, sometimes you don’t need proof in Crystal’s court of law.” That’s good to know.
“Please give Crystal the heads up about the gentleman so she’ll be up to speed if the need arises. You said Terry’s supposed to be in at six. I told her I would continue the conversation there with you present. She’s afraid of you.
“I know.” Boyle said. I could hear the pride in his voice.
“Can you have whoever is responsible for scheduling the ladies call Terry and tell her that Crystal needs her in at four thirty?”
“I’ll take care of it,” Boyle said.
“Oh, one more thing. We know Terry’s a thief, maybe she started small. Has any of the other ladies mentioned to you or Crystal, that things have disappeared around the house?” I asked.


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