Death in Diamonds – New Chapter 8 cont’d….

“I had to go to the bathroom.” Terry said. I wonder what was so interesting over my right shoulder that drew her attention.
“Bathroom?” Last time you said you went to the bathroom, it took you two minutes. This time it took you fifteen minutes. Do you want to try a third lie?” I asked.
“I went to the bathroom and then I got lost.”
“Maybe you got lost in Ms O’Shea’s office when you stole her necklace.”
“No I didin’,” She said.
“You’re a liar,” I said
“Ju call me a thief.? Get out, get out now,” Terry Perez screamed, pointing to the door.
“Part of Ms O’Shea’s instructions to me was no cops. She wanted me to tell her who stole her necklace and she said she would take care of it; whatever that means,” I said with a shrug. I knew what that means, Boyle.
“We’ll talk later, at Ms O’Shea’s,” I said as I walked out the door.


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