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Death in the Primrose Hotel, is the story of a Prohibition era skeleton discovered by Vanessa Malone on the floor behind one of the two intricately carved walnut bars in the old, long abandoned speakeasy in an unknown sub-basement beneath the Primrose Hotel.
The cast of characters include the skeptical police detective, Tom Forsythe, who didn’t believe the sub-basement speakeasy nor the secret elevator in room 607 even existed until he rode the elevator down to the speakeasy. A wizened former plumber at the hotel who knew more than he let on. A former maid at the hotel who in the course of cleaning room 607 made a startling discovery. A retired maintenance man who often drank with John Thomas. John and his brother Emmett Thomas were both in love with Mabel and fought over her. John Thomas disappeared, supposedly with a maid. Emmett then married Mabel. Did Emmett murder his brother John? That’s what the police thought at the time.
The hotel night manager knew something unusual about room 607 and something unusual about a wooden door in the basement of a dress shop at the other end of the block that should have opened into dirt. The shy, gay former kitchen scullion at the hotel witnessed what happened to the missing maid and kept this deep, dark secret all these years. Jake and Vanessa pry the truth from the man about an unfulfilled love triangle that culminated in the solving one of the seventy plus year old murders.

The investigation leads to a old woman who knows the truth about what happened and is and determined to protect her family by taking the secret with her to her grave. After days of repeated questioning, the truth is painstakingly pried from the old woman’s lips revealing who the skeleton found in the abandoned speakeasy was, who killed the skeleton and who shot Jake Curtis.

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