My brand new book Death in the Movies, A Jake Curtis / Vanessa Malone Mystery is now available at your favorite ebook retailers for $5.99. The prologue of Death in the Movies follows:


The set quieted. The actors stood on their spots. Everyone’s breathing subdued waiting for the director about to shout, “action.” The second assistant camera stepped in front of the camera, his clapboard in hand, waiting. The director opened his mouth to shout. In the instant before he could get the words out of his mouth, the quiet set was filled with the sound of a hundred pound Klieg light crashing to the floor thirty feet below. Under the fallen light was the remains of the half crushed driver, Jerry Blackwell.

A hundred pound Klieg light falls from a light bar thirty feet above a movie sound stage, crushing Jerry Blackwell. The clamp holding the light to the light bar shows hacksaw marks. Jake and Vanessa are hired by the widow to find out what happened. The answer lies somewhere between D.C. and L.A.. How will they find our who cut the clamp and why before the case grows cold?

Kindle readers may purchase any of my books directly from in the “mobi” format simply by going to and search for Tony Flye.

I know you will enjoy this the seventh offering in the Jake Curtis / Vanessa Malone Mystery Series.

The best way to thank an author for their hard work, other than purchasing their books, is to leave an honest review at your favorite ebook sellers website. Thank you for purchasing my words and I hope you enjoy my books.


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