How do you prove that something did not happen? How do you prove a negative? This monumental task faced Jake Curtis and Vanessa Malone as they try to prove their beautiful client didn’t poison her ex-husband who dropped dead at her feet at a gala in the Italian Embassy in Washington, D.C. If the ex-wife didn’t do it, then who did? Was it his daughter who stood to inherit his wealth? Was it one of his two mistresses he was engaged to marry? The ex-husband is not the only person murdered in this love rectangle.

The private investigator Isabella hired to look into the possibility of Alberto’s unfaithfulness found out Alberto had not only one mistress, but that he had two mistresses, both of whom claim to be his fiancee. When the PI told Isabella about Alberto’s cheating on her, she blocked him her mind and heart as she went to Reno, Nevada to obtain her divorce and returned back to DC three weeks before ex-husband Alberto’s death.

Through interviews with Isabella’s daughter and Isabella’s closest friends, Jake and Vanessa determined Isabella didn’t have the opportunity to administer the poison to Alberto during the day. It was Isabella’s nights that proved to be more of a problem.

Isabella’s Jewish mother suggested that if Jake and Vanessa couldn’t prove Isabella didn’t meet Alberto at night, then prove Alberto didn’t meet Isabella during the night. Jake and Vanessa confronted Alberto’s two mistresses.

Jake and Vanessa’s investigation led them to a pair of biker bars, a shootout, subterfuge by a waitress, culminating in the chase of an escaped murderer through a busy detective squad room.


Italian Embassy Prague cover 03b FINAL

I know you will enjoy Death in the Embassy a mystery of over 83M words for only $7.99 soon to be at your favorite ebook retailer. Kindle users can purchase Death in the Embassy from www.smashwords.com in the “mobi” format.

Thank you for purchasing and reading my ten previous works. An excellent way of letting an author know you enjoy their works is to leave a review to let others know you enjoyed what you read.


And as a reminder, I am working on the next installment in the Jake Curtis . Vanessa Malone Mystery Series, tentatively entitled Death in Double Cross. It will be a while before publication as the first draft is still unfinished. Death in Double Cross is the story of a woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants.


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