The Captive is the story of Bridget O’Keefe’s survival against overwhelming odds. It’s the story of a twelve year old, lone survivor of an Indian raid on her family farm that saw her mother and father massacred. The Indians took her captive, tortured and abused her. The Captive is also the story of man, Tom Roberts, who led her back to society, gave her the confidence to continue living and made her realize she had self worth and a full life still ahead has been published by and will soon be available from your favorite ebook retailer for $1.99. As usual, Amazon Kindle users may purchase the Captive directly from Smashwords downloaded in the “mobi” format and following the simple instructions and load the Captive directly into your Kindle.



I know you will enjoy the novella of just over 12M words. Thank you for purchasing and reading my nine previous works. An excellent way of letting an author know you enjoy their works is to leave a review to let others know you enjoyed what you read.

And as a reminder, Death in the Embassy is due to be published with in the next few days.


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