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Italian Embassy Prague cover 03b FINAL

For $7.99.  I know you will enjoy finding out how Jake Curtis and Vanessa Malone prove something that didn’t happen, really didn’t happen.




How do you prove that something did not happen? How do you prove a negative? This monumental task faced Jake Curtis and Vanessa Malone as they try to prove their beautiful client didn’t poison her ex-husband who dropped dead at her feet at a gala in the Italian Embassy in Washington, D.C. If the ex-wife didn’t do it, then who did? Was it his daughter who stood to inherit his wealth? Was it one of his two mistresses he was engaged to marry? The ex-husband is not the only person murdered in this love rectangle.

The private investigator Isabella hired to look into the possibility of Alberto’s unfaithfulness found out Alberto had not only one mistress, but that he had two mistresses, both of whom claim to be his fiancee. When the PI told Isabella about Alberto’s cheating on her, she blocked him her mind and heart as she went to Reno, Nevada to obtain her divorce and returned back to DC three weeks before ex-husband Alberto’s death.

Through interviews with Isabella’s daughter and Isabella’s closest friends, Jake and Vanessa determined Isabella didn’t have the opportunity to administer the poison to Alberto during the day. It was Isabella’s nights that proved to be more of a problem.

Isabella’s Jewish mother suggested that if Jake and Vanessa couldn’t prove Isabella didn’t meet Alberto at night, then prove Alberto didn’t meet Isabella during the night. Jake and Vanessa confronted Alberto’s two mistresses.

Jake and Vanessa’s investigation led them to a pair of biker bars, a shootout, subterfuge by a waitress, culminating in the chase of an escaped murderer through a busy detective squad room.


Italian Embassy Prague cover 03b FINAL

I know you will enjoy Death in the Embassy a mystery of over 83M words for only $7.99 soon to be at your favorite ebook retailer. Kindle users can purchase Death in the Embassy from in the “mobi” format.

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And as a reminder, I am working on the next installment in the Jake Curtis . Vanessa Malone Mystery Series, tentatively entitled Death in Double Cross. It will be a while before publication as the first draft is still unfinished. Death in Double Cross is the story of a woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants.


The Captive is the story of Bridget O’Keefe’s survival against overwhelming odds. It’s the story of a twelve year old, lone survivor of an Indian raid on her family farm that saw her mother and father massacred. The Indians took her captive, tortured and abused her. The Captive is also the story of man, Tom Roberts, who led her back to society, gave her the confidence to continue living and made her realize she had self worth and a full life still ahead has been published by and will soon be available from your favorite ebook retailer for $1.99. As usual, Amazon Kindle users may purchase the Captive directly from Smashwords downloaded in the “mobi” format and following the simple instructions and load the Captive directly into your Kindle.



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Sometimes an author gets bogged down in editing, revising and reediting that his mind get cluttered. When this happens, the options are one, go crazy, or two, write something else. Well I haven’t gone crazy. At least some people don’t think so. In one of my near catatonic states, I came up with the concept of what turned out to be entitled, “The Captive,” a novella of just under 12000 words.


The Captive” is the story of the red headed Bridget O’Keefe, a twelve year old Irish immigrant, the daughter of Irish immigrant farmers, captured in an Indian raid on her family’s farm. A raid which saw her father savagely scalped and butchered and her mother abused, before being butchered. In hiding, Bridget is discovered by Running Bear. He binds her hands behind her and throws her across his horse’s back. As he rides off, the last thing Bridget sees is her house in flames; the flames that became her parent’s funeral pyre.

Bridget is carried into captivity and slavery by Running Bear, abused and beaten by his two wives. She is forced to do every menial tasks Running Bear’s wives demand of her. She sleeps in the teepee of Running Bear’s two wives, both of whom hate her. Bridget’s life in the Lakota Sioux village is one of pain, torture and abuse.

Tom Roberts, a winter trapper and a farmer the rest of the year hears the story of the captured red haired woman. Tom discovers woman, now sixteen years old, in Running Bear’s village and he agrees to buy the woman from Running Bear. Tom returns with the agreed upon price and he and the red haired woman leave for his farm in the Dakota Territory.

Four years of captivity for the now sixteen year old girl left deep, indelible scars on her psyche as well as her body. The only people she truly trusted, per parents, were murdered by the people who took her captive. Now she trusts no one. She finds herself alone in a hostile and life threatening existence with no friends and a village of strangers who would rather see her dead. Even at twelve years old she knew the only person she could trust was herself provided, she could stay alive. Even at her tender age she knew the only way she had any chance of staying alive was to do everything anyone demanded of her.

After all years of the being forced to do whatever she had to do to survive, Tom has the inevitable task of convincing Bridget to trust him; not an easy task for a young girl who trusts nobody. Tom had to find a way to get the abused teenager to trust him not to cause her more pain.

Bridget lives with Tom as cousins for six years. Part of the time disguised as her brother, Breandan, before nature developed Bridget’s feminine figure. They come up with a ruse where Breandan goes back to Ireland and his sister, Bridget, comes to America.

As the years passed, Bridget’s trust grows but Tom realizes Bridget feels she’s still unworthy of finding true happiness. With Tom’s patients and Bridget’s finally coming to grips with her past in the reality of her only two options at the time, life or death; She chose life at whatever the cost.

Over the years of their living together not as lovers, but as friends, Bridget realized she had worth to someone, to Tom Roberts. That she was somebody who wanted more from her new life.


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