Sales of “Death in Divorce” are going up.  A short summary: “Hours after winning a divorce from her cheating husband, Blanche Bickers was found naked in bed with a bullet hole in the center of her forehead. The police were baffled. Talks revealed a Southern Belle who said something about the murder to Jake and Vanessa that no one outside of law enforcement knew. What she told Jake and Vanessa led to the surprising discovery of the murderer.” You may purchase your copy of “Death in Divorce” for $5.99 from at; Barnes & Nobel at, from Kobo at; ibooks and many other fine ebook retailers.  Kindle users may download any of  my books in the “.mobi” format directly from While you are visiting, or your favorite ebook retailer, look at the other books of mine listed there:  Once you have read one of my books, I would appreciate, 1, a nice review and 2, tell all your friends about it.  Thank you and I know you’ll enjoy my books.


Divorce cover final



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