My new collection of short stories entitled “Stories of Death, Horror and Murder” has been published and is available from at A summary follows:

“Stories of Death, Horror and Murder” is a collection of a baker’s dozen twisty short stories written to thrill, surprise and shock you. “Death on the Levee” takes place twenty years before the Civil War on the St. Louis riverfront with the stabbing of a stevedore. “Horror in Gaslight Square” is the story of betrayal, of a scorned woman’s revenge. The story takes place on St. Louis’ version of Bourbon Street. “Looking for Maria” is the story of a hired killer looking to kill the only witness to one of his for hire murders and what happens when he finds her. “Killer Cruise” is a story of misplaced jealousy and horrifying revenge. “Fatal Robbery” is the story of a pastor who volunteers to be the first hostage killed in a botched bank robbery attempt. “Triangle of Death” is a story about a wife and her ex-husband’s vow to take back what she took away from him. “Deadly Grandma” is the shocking life story of a woman whose lived an interesting life with an damning secret. “Third Time’s the Charm” is the tale of a man whose first two wives mysteriously died leaving fortunes to their widowered husband and how one man attempts to stop the husband from killing again. “The Man in Bed Two” is a story of why the patient in the other side of the semi-private room was hospitalized because he couldn’t fall asleep at night. “Death in the Cemetery” is the story of an abused, half naked woman found dead with a bullet hole in the back of her head laying on a two hundred year old grave in the predawn hours. “The Dead Veteran” is the tale of a ninety year old Marine Corps veteran who suffered a major stroke and his treatment in the hospital. “Murder in the Monastery” is the story of how with only six monks in residence in the monastery, one of the six men of God is stabbed to death. “The Red Dining Room” well, you will just have to read the story to see what happens.

Once you have read one of my books, I would appreciate, 1, A nice review and 2, Tell all your friends about my books.  Thank you and I hope you enjoy my books.



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