Unfortunately my favorite editor took sick. He’s well now and only working part time, so I must postpone the scheduled release date for my new Christian novel entitled “Forsaken” until October 15th. My prior Christian novel, Victory in Defeat, A Story of Salvation in the Civil War” is the story of the Harcourt brothers, Matthew and Luke, who fought both physical and spiritual battles during the Civil War. It is the story of one soldier finding Jesus amidst the shooting and killing of the last great and failed fight at the stone wall at Gettysburg; of standing with bullets flying all around calling on the name of Jesus is available from barnesandbnoble.com search Tony Flye for all my books or search for Victory in Defeat, A Story of Salvation in the Civil War”

Kindle users can download mobi format from www.smashwords.com/search?query=tony+flye as well as your other favorite ebook sellers.

Forsaken” is the sequel to my Civil War Christian novel which takes place immediately after the war and is the continuing story of Matthew Harcourt, finding his calling to preach God’s word, finding the love of his life and how he loses it all and how it effects him.

My Jake Curtis / Vanessa Malone Mystery series is selling, if you’ll pardon the expression, like hotcakes. “Death in Amish Country” Jake Curtis and his wife Vanessa Malone, private investigator and lawyer respectively are called to prove Jake’s Marine buddy innocent of murder and find the real killer amidst the bucolic beauty of Pennsylvania’s Amish Country. In one of the many startling twists in this investigation, a totally unexpected person in the middle of a psychotic episode admits to the murder.

My novel “Death in Divorce” is the story of Blanche Bickers. Hours after winning a divorce from her cheating husband, she was found naked in bed with a bullet hole in the center of her forehead. The police were baffled. Talks revealed a Southern Belle who said something about the murder to Jake and Vanessa that no one outside of law enforcement knew. What she told Jake and Vanessa led to the discovery of the surprising murderer.

My novel “Death in the Primrose Hotel” During Prohibition The Primrose Hotel housed a speakeasy. A speakeasy that housed a long dead skeleton. The investigation leads to a old woman who knows the truth about what happened and is and determined to take the secret with her to her grave. After days of repeated questioning, the truth is painstakingly pried from the old woman’s lips revealing who killed the skeleton and who it was who shot Jake Curtis.

If you are a fan of mystery, I’m sure you’ll enjoy my three “Death in…”

novels. Death in Diamonds, the one I think is the best of yet is waiting for it’s second draft to be completed.