Jan’s Anguish, A Love Story

My new novella, “Jan’s Anguish, A Love Story” will be coming soon.  To entice you for more, I’m posting the first few paragraphs.



My husband Jimmy and I walked hand in hand into the brilliant mid-morning sunshine. We stopped on the top step of the courthouse and I reached up and kissed him a warm, tender kiss. To the casual observer we were a couple who just gotten married. We walked down the steps hand in hand. At the bottom step I turned right and Jimmy turned left. That casual observer would be wrong. We hadn’t just gotten married, we’d just gotten divorced.
Jimmy is a thirty-three year old insurance salesman who owns his own agency that he inherited from his father. He’s six feet two, two hundred thirty pounds of solid muscle. His dark, wavy hair as well as his deep blue eyes are the envy of every woman I know. Jimmy played college baseball and several major league teams scouted him. He gave up his baseball dream when his father suffered a fatal heart attack and Jimmy took over operation of his father’s insurance agency.
I’m thirty one, five feet four, a hundred twenty pounds, auburn hair, cobalt blue eyes. I have a thirty-seven, twenty-six, thirty-five figure even after having two children. I worked as a secretary until I got pregnant with Jimmy, Jr. He’s eight now and our daughter Amy is seven. My father ran off before my birth. My mother raised me alone and that was my problem.
I met Jimmy at a party I wasn’t allowed to attend. I was twenty-one at the time, Jimmy was twenty-three. I had to sneak out of the house because my mother didn’t want me dating. She told me dating only leads to trouble. Maybe she was right. I met my date, Rod, at the party. He was already half drunk when I met up with him. He slobbered a wet kiss half missing my lips and ran off. I think we was about to puke. He stank of alcohol. I sat in a corner thinking my mother was right.


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