I’ve included a synopsis of my new novella “The Blushing Bride” for your enjoyment and hope you’ll download the free sample. You can download your sample from by clicking the following link: in the following formats: epub, lrf, pdb, txt and you can read it online.  You may also download a free sample for your Barnes & Noble Nook by cutting and pasting and entering The Blushing Bride in the search box.

If you like what you read, or don’t like what you read, I would enjoy hearing from you.  Also if you enjoy the free sample of The Blushing Bride and want to read it in it’s entirety, you can purchase the entire book for only 99 cents.

Also look for my new novella, “Jan’s Anguish,”  coming soon.




The Blushing Bride, is a young woman named Red because of her rust colored hair, in her late teens whose sexual passions yearned to burst forth. She met Robert, a man who received his driver’s license on the day of her birth, fell in love and their romance blossomed. Until that one particular dinner in their favorite restaurant when Robert became unusually quiet. Red panicked and feared the worst; that he wanted to dump with her. Instead he asked her to marry him in spite of the differences in their ages. Red’s despair vanished. She accepted Robert’s proposal. Her joy suddenly turned to gloom at the thought of having to tell her parents of her impending wedding. Her parents protested bitterly. Her father ranted about the age differences and tried his best to dissuade Red from making the worst mistake imaginable while her mother sat by and cried. Throughout their courtship Red resisted the overbearing sexual urges of her young and ripe body and brought her virginity to her marriage bed. Red’s sexual desires exploded forth on their wedding night. As their love nurtured and grew her sexual desires enveloped her every thought and action, every sexual bliss with her husband. The Blushing Bride is the story of their love, their lives together, their children. It is a story of their ups and downs, through their joys and discouragements, through their lives, deaths and beyond.


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