Death in the Primrose Hotel – Chapter 9 cont’d

“After,” I said. “First we check in with Detective Tom Forsythe. This case is going to boil down to asking a lot of questions from a lot people and digging the facts from records and journals. It’s going to be a lot of talking and a lot of grunt work in library research,” I said.
“Ok. Let’s get this show on the road,” Vanessa said exuberantly. She jumped up and headed towards the door. Lyons and I were hard put to catch up with her. Lyons and I shook hands wishing me luck and again reminding me to be careful.
It was a pleasant drive through the Maryland countryside into central Pennsylvania. The bright sun hung high in the sky surrounded by white cottony Cumulus Clouds. The heat and humidity of summer over. The air smelled fresh, sharp and crisp, the leaves on the trees began getting ready to turn into their fall colors. It was a beautiful fall day. The kind of fall day that I associate with college football games.
We arrived at Tom Forsythe’s office a little after two that afternoon having stopped for a leisurely for lunch on the highway. He was happy to see us. The sun streaming through the window glinted off the wedding band on his left ring finger and the flash caught me in the eye. We went through the formalities of getting police badges, ID’s and concealed carry permits.
While we waited for the ID’s and concealed carries to be printed and laminated, Tom Forsythe filled us in on the progress so far.
“First of all, the mayor and I are not planning to make it known that you are investigating this case for us. Be discrete when you flash your tin but you are full fledged police officers of the town of Mossville and as such have the same policing powers as I do. Use it wisely,” Tom Forsythe warning us. I don’t think you’ll come across any crime that you would be the first responder, but in the event you do come across any life threatening situation, you are cops but be careful. For God’s sake, don’t go chasing speeders,” Tom Forsythe said with a grin.


Death in the Primrose Hotel – Chapter 9

Vanessa and I met Lyons for breakfast at ‘The Diner’ below my office Thursday morning. Debbie’s eyes spit fire at Vanessa and then at me as we walked in. After telling Lyons about Debbie’s kiss, he stared at her as we entered and noticed the fire in her eyes. Debbie was too intent at staring and Vanessa that she never noticed Lyons watching her. Vanessa was bright and chipper this morning and on a high, raring and anxious to go on what she called last night as her great adventure never noticed Debbie’s burning glare. Maybe Debbie’s not totally over me yet.
“Sarge, I’m kinda sorry I made this other commitment. I’d much rather go with you and Vanessa. I think this case, if you can solve it, will go a long way to building your reputation as a top-notch private eye. As much as I’d like to tag along and help make you famous, I can’t get out of this prior commitment. A word of advise though – be careful. Even a skeleton can jump up and bite you in the ass,” Lyons said.
“I’m really looking forward to this trip,” Vanessa said. “This is an excellent opportunity to see first hand how the police work and not just find out about it by questioning cops under oath in court. I mean my job is exciting but ordinary. It’s just a matter of asking the police the right questions on the stand and getting the proper responses from them that we discussed beforehand. This is a chance to see how the actual work of catching the criminals is accomplished. Vanessa turned to me and added, “And besides, on this trip I get to see you in action.”
Lyons laughed. “I’ve seen the Sarge in action and I’m not that impressed.” A Cheshire cat grin crossed his face. Vanessa lightly slapped the back of his hand.
“Vanessa, honey, you may not be so excited when we get there because we will need to spend some time in the town library reading old newspapers and town directories, if they have them, gathering any information on the Primrose Hotel, Prohibition and the people,” I said.
“Is that before or after I get my badge and Concealed Carry?” Vanessa asked as excited as a child on Christmas morning knowing that Santa brought the doll she wanted.