Death in the Primrose Hotel – Chapter 8 cont’d..

I continued to read from the computer. “The law finally was given a weapon they could use against organized crime when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that bootleggers had to file Federal Income Tax returns and they could not plead their Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination as a reason for not filing. Income tax evasion would become the number one and most effective tool in the governments arsenal of weapons in fighting organized crime. In reality,” I postulated, “all the government had to prove is that the criminal spent more money than he reported as income on his tax return. Ergo, he’s evading taxes by under declaring his taxable income. As it turned out that’s all the government could prove against Al Capone after years of investigating.” We read for another two hours.
“All this studying is making me hungry is it time for lunch recess yet teacher?” Lyons asked, his tongue in his cheek
“Let’s go downstairs and and get a sandwich,” I said
“Do we have to line up and hold hands like we did when we were in the second grade?” Lyons asked.
“The only reason your class had to hold hands was because you tended to get lost walking down the hallway,” I said, giving him a grimaced look and he just grinned back with that silly look he’s given me on so many occasions.
“Let’s go.” We each took a book with us.
We took an empty booth by the windows that allowed plenty of sunlight to stream in illuminating the books in front of us. Shelly came over with the menus. “What would you guys like to drink?” She asked. We ordered Diet Cokes.
I looked at Debbie when we entered. She looked back with a blank expression on her face. Lyons caught Debbie’s expression.
“Have you decided what you wanted yet?” Shelly asked after she set the drinks on the table. We both ordered bacon cheeseburgers, lettuce, tomato and mayo with sides of fries.
“It seems that Debbie no longer has the hots for you. She’s barely noticed that you even walked in,” Lyons said after Shelly took the order to the grill.


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