Death in the Primrose Hotel – Chapter 8

The aroma of the freshly brewed coffee dripping into the the glass carafe under my Mr. Coffee machine permeated the air in my office and demanded that I refill my mug, which I gladly did. I finished the bacon egg and cheese on a bagel sandwich I bought downstairs at ‘The Diner’ and washed it down with a long pull on my coffee. The bagel sandwich left me still hungry.
I looked up and saw the silhouette of a muscular person through the frosted glass of the top half of my office door before I heard the sound of the door doorknob being turned. My hand automatically went to my right top desk drawer where I kept my .45. Last year I had to kill Paulie Molinaro, self deluded organized crime badass who barged through my door intent on killing me. Lyons and I sort of forced him into the position where he had to defend his honor. He barged into my office and took the time to shout at me before firing. It was just enough time for me to pull my .45 from the drawer and put two in his chest. He bled out on my new rug. I still have his bullet holes in my desk and wall behind my head where he missed. I had to replace the rug. Since then, I developed the habit when I’m in the office of leaving the top right drawer of my desk open with the .45 laying so I could grab it without having to rearrange either the gun or my hand before gripping it. At the sound of the latch opening, I wrapped my fist around my .45 and raised it as the door swung open.
Luckily I didn’t have to shoot. It was Lyons. Better still, he had a box of Dunkin’ Donuts under his arm. I don’t know which of the two was a more welcome sight. I guess, if the truth be known because I was still hungry from the sandwich, I think it was the donuts. If I wasn’t hungry, it would have been Lyons. Lyons is my best friend and is always welcome, the donuts made him even more welcome. I pointed to the coffee pot and he poured himself a mug. Lyons wore his usual work attire, bluejeans, a collard knit golf shirt, this time a Kelly green one with a yellow alligator over the left breast and his usual black steel toed, low quartered work shoes.


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