Death in the Primrose Hotel – Chapter 7 cont’d.

“Deputy badges and concealed carry. Hot damn,” Vanessa said. I’d been taking Vanessa to the gun range with me for several months now and during that time she has become a accurate shooter. She also became very good at field stripping and cleaning her own gun. I gave her a small Smith and Wesson .38 caliber automatic that fits comfortably in her hand.
Our dinners arrived and we ate each alone in our own thoughts. Or at least I was deep in thought about a skeleton.
We sat and had a quiet after dinner liqueur followed by coffee and a lot of hand holding and caressing fingers while we talked about everything in general and nothing in specific. Neither of us wanted to leave. I grinned at Vanessa and she grinned back. I paid the check, and as my usual, overtipped. We walked home hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder. Our pace quickened as we neared the front door of our apartment.
I unlocked the front door and we stepped into the living room. Using my foot, I gently closed the door behind us. I wrapped my arms around Vanessa and she wrapped her arms around me. I kissed her deeply. She kissed me back. I held her in my left arm while I took my right hand and caressed her soft, smooth cheek. I reached up under the shoulders of her suit jacket with both hands and slipped it from her shoulders letting it slide down her arms and pool on the floor behind her. Our lips met again. The wide frilly bow at the collar of her silk blouse magically came unknotted with a few flicks of my fingertips. I put my fingers on the top button of her blouse under her chin and slowly unbuttoned it. Vanessa stood submissively with her arms at her sides. When the button unfastened, I dropped to the next button, then the next and the next until the blouse was open exposing her silky lace bra and its bountiful contents. Vanessa started breathing heavily. I slipped the blouse from her shoulders as I did the suit jacket and let it slide down her arms to the floor on top of her suit jacket.


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