Death in the Primrose Hotel – Chapter 7 cont’d

“Our client is accused of tax fraud. The IRS is on one of their usual witch hunts. They’ve been on a vendetta against our client for years ever since our client humiliated them in court a couple of years ago. They have avowed to stop at nothing to get him. The IRS is so far out on a limb this time. One of their agents is testifying to one thing and the very next agent’s testimony saws the limb off with the first agent sitting out there. The IRS attorney should be disbarred for incompetence. Our main witness, the client’s CPA, and a former IRS agent is making their agents look like idiots. The case should go the the jury tomorrow morning. It should be a slam dunk, but you never know for sure until the verdict is in and delivered. We are preparing a counter suit against the IRS for legal and accounting fee damages incurred in defending the government’s action, harassment and with a large chunk as punitive damages. The second case we settled out of court in our favor with a very nice fee. It was a good day,” Vanessa said. “How was your day?”
“Checked out the two pre-employment applications.” I told Vanessa the gist of my findings. “I reported the facts to the client, it’s his decision,” I said.
“That’s all you can do,” Vanessa said, with a shrug.
Erin brought the drinks and asked, “You ready to order?”
“We haven’t even looked at the menu,” I said.
“If you’d stop kissing long enough to look at the menus, I’d appreciate it,” Erin said, a wide grin on her face.
“Yes mother,” I said. Vanessa stifled a giggle. We looked at the menu and we both ordered steaks, medium rare and salad.
“I also called Tom Forsythe today,” I said, after Erin took our order to the kitchen. I told Vanessa the substance of my conversation with him. When I was finished…


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