Death in the Primrose Hotel – Chapter 6 cont’d

“Do you have the last name and address for the tour guide, Madeline? I asked.
“Yeah, I’ll give it to you when you get here,” Tom Forsythe said.
“Is there anyone in town who was alive during prohibition or anybody who was a child back then who may have heard their parents talking?” I asked.
“Probably, but I don’t know right off hand. I’ll ask around and let you know when you get here,” Tom Forsythe said. “Look Jake, the town doesn’t have the resources to spend much time on an seventy year old murder and the state boys are of the opinion that the perp is probably dead or, if not, would be around a hundred years old give or take. I talked with the mayor and while the town can’t afford to pay you any money, he did say he would have you and your wife deputized as Mossville town cops so that you both will have full police powers to give your investigation full legal authority. He also instructed me to issue to you and Vanessa Pennsylvania Concealed Carry Gun Permits. Keep your firearms in your trunk until you check in with me,” Tom Forsythe said.
“Thanks,” I said. “Oh, one more thing, is there a library in town with back issues of the local newspaper?”
“Yeah, right next door. I think the library has back issues but I’ll check with them and let you know when you get here,” Tom Forsythe said.
“Alright Tom, we’ll see you Wednesday or Thursday,” I said.
I turned off my computer and made sure the coffee pot was unplugged. I decided to stop at my neighborhood branch of the D.C. public library and picked up some books on Prohibition, a little homework, or not. I drove back to Timothy’s for dinner with Vanessa. I don’t know what it is about Timothy’s, but with all the fine restaurants located in D.C., Vanessa and I often prefer dining there. Maybe it’s because the food is good, the place is comfortable, not fancy and in walking distance from our apartment. I wanted to make tonight something special as we were leaving tomorrow for a seventy something year old skeleton. But then, any night with Vanessa was something special.
The evening turned out to be something special indeed.


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