Death in the Primrose Hotel – Chapter 5 cont’d…

I used to check with the utility companies for any payment information I can get on the applicants but I went to the expense of joining the three major credit bureaus where I can get more detailed information once I figured out their complex codes to the true facts. If the applicant has no credit history, I check out the credit of the next of kin. I can verify most applications on the computer from my comfort of my desk. I also Google them. Occasionally I have to do some field investigation on an applicant but it doesn’t happen that often.
Both Ms. Muncy and Ms. Young came through the credit bureaus and the Googling with flying colors. Later that afternoon, my contact at the MPDC called. Ms Young had no outstanding warrants and no police record. Ms. Muncy, while having no outstanding warrants, had spent seven years in a Wisconsin women’s prison for manslaughter in the death of her abusive husband and is now out on parole. My contact told me off the record she claimed self defense at her trial as she said her husband used her as a punching bag one time too many. This time he beat her because his dinner wasn’t on the table when he wanted it. She wrapped her hand around the wooden handle of the big carving knife from the nearby counter she just used to prepare his dinner and plunged it into her husband’s chest – twenty-three times. It was the excessive knife plunges that prompted her mostly male jury to convict her. I can imagine the male jury members mentally clutching at their family jewels when hearing about the twenty-three stabs. At her request, her parole transferred to D.C. Ms. Muncy conveniently forgot to include this information on her employment application. It’s not my job to judge any the applicant but to give the client all the facts that I can find and substantiate then it’s up to them to make to make their own decisions. I made out my report on each applicant and called the client. Unless it’s important or a rush job, I don’t like to give reports over the phone. I told the client I was going to fax him the reports and my bill and that he might want to stand at the fax machine as the reports came in.
My desk was clear and I could now think about the skeleton in the Primrose Hotel speakeasy.


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