Death in the Primrose Hotel – Chapter 5 cont’d..

I think she fell out of love with me. I sure as hell couldn’t tell Vanessa about the kiss. She’d kill Debbie for kissing me and then kill me for being in here in the first place.
I finished my breakfast, paid the check, left a very generous tip, what else could I do, and started up to my office. A wooden sawhorse barricaded my path to the elevator. A metal “out of order” sign fastened with screws to the horizontal member of the horse told me that I would have to do my stair climbing exercises when I used the stairs. A wooden wedge driven under the steel outer elevator door propped it open. The car was not visible in the open doorway. I tried to look down into the opening but from where I stood, all I could see was nothingness. I turned and started up the stairway to my office. After turning the lights on and booting up my computer, I made a pot of coffee and retrieved the two Connors Corporation employment applications from the file.
Connors Corporation seems to turn over employees regularly, which is fine with me as I make money on each application I investigate. It’s not a lot of money on each application but, as the expression goes, I make up for it in volume. The first applicant was June Muncy. The second was Amanda Young. Ms. Muncy applied for an outside sales rep position and Ms. Young applied for an accounts payable supervisor position
I called my contact at the Metropolitan Police DC who will occasionally do police checks for me, as long as I don’t ask him to check out the entire telephone book at one time. Part of my long standing agreement with him is that if there are any outstanding warrants against an applicant, I give the police everything I have on that person; name, address, social, phone, next of kin and future employer’s name. Because of our agreement, information I’ve provided my police contact led to the arrest and conviction of three wanted felons. It made my contact look good in his supervisor’s eyes and a contact who has been made to look good in his supervisor’s eyes is a happy contact indeed and willing to help me again in the future.


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