Death in the Primrose Hotel – Chapter 5

I wanted to sleep late but Vanessa had to leave early for her office. Her hard and fast rule is that if she has to get up early, everybody has to get up early. So she woke me up as well. Thanks hon. Before she ran out of the apartment, we decided to meet at Timothy’s for dinner at seven. I still felt her goodbye kiss on my lips an hour later.
‘The Diner,’ the local greasy spoon on the first floor of my office building is my favorite place to stop for breakfast before going up to my office. ‘The Diner’s’ cooking exhaust vented in the alley directly under my third floor office and when my windows are open, I can smell the day’s lunch special cooking. The food’s good, the portions filling and cheap and the atmosphere relaxed.
I sat at the counter and Debbie, the grill “man” who doubles as counter waitress came over and handed me a menu. Debbie was in her mid twenties, five feet tall. Her long brown hair tied in a ponytail and pulled through the opening created by the adjusting strap at the back of her ball cap. She wore a stained and faded Washington Redskins tee shirt and washed out, faded blue jeans with bottoms of the legs worn to tatters from continually being under her heels as she walked. She also wore as part of her uniform a long wide white apron which hung below her knees. Debbie wore the apron wrapped twice around her slender body as if wrapped in a shroud. Her shroud tied in front at her navel. The accumulation of splattered grease and dropped food made the original color of her Reebok shoes indistinguishable. Her voluminous apron effectively hid her figure from view not that anything would ever come from it. I’m a man, I’m alive, ergo, I’m gonna look at the female form. Looking is fine. It’s a survival of the species thing. Hey, that’s why there are museums and art galleries.
“What’ll you have, Jake,” she asked. Debbie used to be friendlier but within the last few months her attitude towards me changed and not for the better. Now she acts as if she were doing me a favor by waiting on me.
“Pancakes and coffee,” I said. Debbie walked back to the grill to start my order.


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