Death in the Primrose Hotel – Chapter 4 cont’d.

“Are you going back?” Lyons asked.
“I’m giving it very serious consideration,” I said. “You want to tag along for the fun of it?”
“I’d like to but I have to take a trip out of town for a couple of weeks, maybe longer” Lyons said. Knowing Lyons like I do, he’s probably off to a third world hell hole doing a job for the three lettered government agency that prefers to remain nameless. The agency doesn’t want the world to know they had any part in the job done they hired Lyons to do.
“If I can finish the big court case I have on Monday and another big case after it, I’m going with him,” Vanessa said, a smile on her face.
“I have about half a day’s work on my desk. Then Tuesday, I want to do some research on Prohibition and speakeasies to get some perspective of the times and events of the day. If Vanessa’s finished her cases, we’ll leave Wednesday or Thursday morning,” I said.
“Benny, are you sure you can’t put off your trip. You know how I love ghosts and skeletons and paranormal activity,” Marilyn asked. Lyons looked down at the table.
“Honey, I’ve already postponed it twice. It’s now or never. Sorry, sweetie, I can’t get out of it this time,” Lyons said, giving Marilyn’s cheek a kiss.
“Damn,” Marilyn said, dejectedly. The room grew quiet. I thought that Marilyn waited for someone to rescue her, me, and suggest she come along with us. If I had my druthers, I’d rather have Lyons. I kept my mouth shut and played dumb. It wasn’t a very hard acting job for me. Vanessa obviously sensing my distress broke the silence as she said, “I think I”ll have the ribeye, medium rare.” There was no further discussion of Marilyn accompanying us.
We ordered dinner and enjoyed the good food and good company. The four of us spent the rest of the evening talking about other things; anything, everything except skeletons. We revisited our thoughts about spending New Years in St. Thomas, a trip we talked about taking a year ago.
Vanessa and I went home, made love, then fell asleep afterwards snuggled in each other’s arms.


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