Death in the Primrose Hotel – Chapter 4 cont’d

Ben Lyons is my former Marine Corps platoon corporal in the first Gulf War. He’s also my best friend, next to Vanessa. I call him Corporal. He calls me Sarge. We work together like a well oiled machine. We know what each other’s thinking in any given situation and we react instinctively and correctly to any predicament. We’ve never had a tactical problem yet where we didn’t correctly anticipate each other’s next move. We’ve had each other’s backs since we joined the Corps. I’ve trusted him with my life and he’s trusted me with his.
Lyons was the product of a teenaged mother and a one night stand. His mother gave him up for adoption minutes after giving birth. He spent eighteen years in a New York City orphanage under the care of a kindly woman he came to call Mom. The kindly woman took Lyons under her wing and wanted to adopt him but in those days single women were prohibited from adopting. Forced to leave the only home he had ever known when he turned eighteen, Mom gave him a key to her apartment and told him she would be home after her shift. Lyons stayed with Mom for several months but with no future insight, he joined the Marine Corps.
Ben Lyons is a problem solver who travels the world solving problems for the highest bidder. He often helps me when I need backup. We were involved last Christmas time in a bloodbath in the Monkey House at the D.C. Zoo. Two organized crime organizations vied for control of the prostitution trade in the city. Neither side succeeded.
Vanessa and Marilyn became best friends almost from their first meeting. My smart, legal-eagle wife accepted a dollar retainer from Lyons, Marilyn and myself so that anything we may inadvertently say about our work is privileged communication between lawyer and client. Marilyn and Vanessa, loving ladies that they are, even accompanied Lyons and myself as part of the security arrangements to several parties at a client’s apartment. The apartment happened to be one of the most upscale and expensive brothels in the city of Washington. Our beautiful wives made a big splash at the parties.


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