Death in the Primrose Hotel – Chapter 3 cont’d X..

“Can you recommend a hotel in town?” I asked. He gave me a dirty look. Vanessa stifled another giggle. We shook hands all around and Vanessa and I went looking for a place to spend the night.
We found the Midnight Motel just outside of town. It looked like just what it was, a seedy motel on a little used county road near a dying town. It did however have one good thing going for it. It was the only motel within thirty miles of Mossville.
We decided to check anyway. The room was clean, and did not have the lingering fragrance of used cigarette smoke. The toilet flushed, the hot water ran hot and the television had cable and more importantly worked. I took a quick shower to sluice away the accumulated dust from this afternoon.
The sign on the steakhouse across the county highway touted prime rib as their specialty. Vanessa and I decided that after the day we had a steak sounded good.
Later, while laying in bed when smokers would be enjoying their post-coital cigarettes, my wife rolled on her right side looking at me, took my hand in hers and said, “this skeleton intrigues you, doesn’t it? It’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle that’s challenging you to solve it. Deep down, you want to solve it.” Vanessa was right.
I muttered something, I’m not even sure what I said.
“What are you working on now?” Vanessa asked.
“Not a whole lot. Just a couple of pre-employment applications to verify,” I said.
“Nothing of any great matter. Come back to D.C. with me, finish up what’s on your desk, let me take care of the two cases in front of me and then you and I can come back in a few days.”
We fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.


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