Death in the Primrose Hotel – Chapter 3 cont’d X.

“Will you call and let us know what you found out?” I asked. “If you have any questions about me, you can check with Detective Lieutenant Bob Murdoch, D.C. Metropolitan Police homicide squad or you can call Randy Barrows or Alan Rose at the Barrow and Rose Law Firm in D.C. I’ve done some investigative work for them recently and Vanessa happens to be an associate there.”
“I’ll check you out and if you are who you say you are we’ll get along just fine. I’ve seen you work, you’re smart, you’re good and you’re professional. I’ll get in touch,” Tom Forsythe said.
The town police headquarters was in the three story red brick building that also served as jail, town hall and offices. The town building dominated the southwest corner of South and East Streets diagonally across the square from the Primrose Hotel and directly across from the old dress shop.
After Vanessa and I signed our statements, Tom Forsythe said, “I’d appreciate it if you both could hang around for a couple of days.”
“I’m due in court Monday morning in D.C.,” Vanessa said. “We can stay overnight but we’ll have to leave around mid morning.”
“Alright. Check in with me before you leave town, please,” Tom Forsythe said.


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