Death in the Primrose Hotel – Chapter 3 cont’d X

Vanessa and Madeline were in the lobby waiting for us. Vanessa let the other three tour group couples go on their way reasoning that the only thing they could actually testify to in court was seeing the skeleton. Which she and I could do just as easily. Besides, she had their names and addresses if Tom Forsythe needed to contact them.
Vanessa hurried up to me and said, “I’ve been watching the elevators waiting for you. How did you get out of the speakeasy?” Vanessa asked.
“Through the tunnel,” I said with a grin. I told Vanessa about following the tunnel through the old dress shop and out onto the street.
“That must have been how they restocked the speakeasy,” she said. After a few seconds of her lawyer brain whirling away, she said, “That may be how the killer dumped the body and got away.” We told her of our two possible theories of how the skeleton arrived in the speakeasy.
We were met by the uniform cop Tom Forsythe sent with the roll of drawings to the clerk’s office.
“That young snot nosed punk in the permits office gave me a ration of shit about havin’ to rummage through the plans files for a set of seventy year old drawin’s, especially on a Saturday,” the uniformed cop said. “I told him to get his ass in gear or he’d spend the night in our fine jail.”
“What did he say?” Tom Forsythe asked.
“Nothin’. He walked away and was gone about forty-five minutes and came back empty handed. He said there was no other drawin’s,” the uniformed cop said. “And I tend to believe him. He seemed kinda nervous about havin’ to tell me he didn’t find nothin’.” Tom Forsythe nodded.
“How about the both of you coming to the station with me and give us your formal statements?” Tom Forsythe said as we were ready to depart.


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