Death in the Primrose Hotel – Chapter 3 cont’d….

Tom Forsythe miked his radio and said, “Go to the town building permits office and bring me the plans for the Primrose Hotel even if you have to wake somebody up or drag somebody in. Also bring a few high powered lights, extra power cords and an electrician to work them. Bring them to room 607 in the hotel.” He told a uniform to cover the elevator entrance in room 607 and bring down the equipment when it arrives.
“Mrs. Curtis…” Tom Forsythe started.
“Ms. Malone,” Vanessa corrected, “Vanessa.” She chose to keep her birth name after we married. What’s in a name. A rose by any other name is still Vanessa.
“…Vanessa, would you please escort Madeline and the other nice folks to the lobby and have them wait until we get there?” Tom Forsythe asked. Vanessa nodded and started herding the tourists and Madeline to the elevator.
Ten minutes after Vanessa and her charges left the speakeasy, the sound of metal on metal screeching became louder announcing the imminent arrival of the first load of equipment with along detailed drawings of the hotel. Tom Forsythe and I walked to a bar and moved some of the dust filled glasses aside with our arms, a mistake. Our arms took on a beige coating from the dust which adhered to the fabric of the sleeves. It looked as if Tom Forsythe’s nice blue suit now needed a dry cleaning. I just brushed the dust from my nylon windbreaker sending a small cloud of dust to the floor.
We unrolled and spread the drawings on the dust covered bar holding the edges down with a few of the glasses and a bottle of booze. I picked up the bottle of booze and looked at the label. Glenfiddich, bottled in Scotland, my brand of choice. I pulled the cork from the bottle and sniffed the opening. The Glenfiddich smelled just like the Scotch I drank too much of last night. Both Tom Forsythe and I examined the drawings page by page looking for the speakeasy and tunnel. We even examined the little detail drawings inserted around the borders of the pages. We didn’t find either the speakeasy or the tunnel on any of the drawings.


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