Death in the Primrose Hotel – Chapter 3 cond’t.

He put his face into the skeleton’s face. “He, or she’s, dead,” he said.
“Ya think?” I asked. Tom Forsythe gave me a look somewhere between a skeptical and dirty. Vanessa stifled a giggle.
“It looks like he, or she, was shot in the head, but the state lab boys will have to see what they can find. I don’t know how they are going to determine when he, or she, died but they usually tend to work miracles that seem to hold up in court. I’m told they can examine the skeleton and determine its sex,” Tom Forsythe said.
“That’s because men and women have different bone structures around the pelvis,” I said. My bit of unsolicited information drew another strange look from the detective.
The town police photographer shot pictures of the skeleton and the room from every conceivable angle. When the photographer had all the pictures he needed, he packed his Hasselblad camera with the rest of his equipment rode the elevator back upstairs. The petite blond medical examiner wearing a white lab coat then approached the skeleton, knelt beside it and started her closeup examination of the remains. With her pixie hair style and cute pug nose under her bright blue eyes, she hardly looked old enough to have graduated from medical school. An assistant to the ME brought a black plastic body bag sized for a fully fleshed out adult corpse to the bar as close to the skeleton as they could.
“The bones are laid out in perfect alignment. It’s like this man, and he was a man from the bone structure of the pelvis, just laid down and died” the ME said after her examination of the skeleton. I looked at Tom Forsythe and smiled. He smiled back.
The ME started collecting the bones beginning with the small bones of the toes and working her way up the skeleton. The toe bones connected to the foot bone; the foot bone… Well, you get the idea. The morgue techs placed the bones in a body bag as ME handed them behind her to the them.


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