Death in the Primrose Hotel Chapter 2 cont’d………

The skeleton behind the bar was just a collection of unatriculated bones laid out in perfect alignment like the person died in his, or her, sleep but the tendons, ligaments, skin and muscle has long since added to the dust around the skeleton. The third eye in the center of the skull’s forehead captivated my attention and sparked my investigative imagination. What happened to this person. Who killed him. This type of case is what I live for.
“Don’t touch anything,” Vanessa reminded me as if I needed reminding. I stared closely at the bones, never having seen what I assumed was a complete real skeleton before.
“I think you all had better stay on that side of the room,” Vanessa said to the other members of the tour with quiet firmness. I gave them my best bad-ass Marine Corps DI stare and the other tour members stopped advancing but continued to lean forward trying to get a peek at what held our attention.
“The old speakeasy would have made a great location for a Halloween haunted house,” I thought. “Especially with a real life skeleton.”
I took out my cell phone on the off chance I could get bars and call out. Lo and behold I had bars. I dialed 9-1-1. I explained the situation to the operator who immediately transferred me to a detective. After I identified myself and after a few more minutes of trying to convince the skeptical detective that there truly was a speakeasy in the sub-basement under the main basement of the Primrose Hotel, he finally decided to investigate. When I told him the only way into the speakeasy was from room 607 he again said I was crazy and threatened to hangup.
“I could bring the skeleton up to the lobby for you if you like,” I said. “But my wife, who also happens to be my attorney and a former Assistant District Attorney in the District of Columbia DA’s office, reminded me that moving a corpse without authority was illegal so I guess you’re just going to have to ride the nonexistent elevator down to the nonexistent speakeasy in the nonexistent sub-basement of the Primrose Hotel and see for yourself.”
It took the detective a half an hour to cross the square and get to room 607.


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