Death in the Primrose Hotel Chapter 2 cont’d……..

At the far end of the speakeasy between the two bars was a small stage where the jazz musicians played adding to the merriment.
Madeline noticed me looking at the small stage, came over to me and said, “Louie Armstrong once played on that very stage.”
A walkway between the wall and the stage’s curtain backdrop ran from one one bar across the speakeasy to the other bar. The curtain rotted with age and hung in tatters from it’s pipe framework. Madeline was quiet allowing us to wander around on our own and absorb the speakeasy.
I estimated the speakeasy measured about seventy-five feet deep by fifty feet wide and could easily accommodate several hundred people. It must have been a rocking place on the weekends.
Vanessa wandered off towards one of the old bars. She started to step behind it than abruptly stopped.
“Jake,” she called softly attracting my attention and crooking her finger. When Vanessa crooks her finger like that at me when we’re at home alone, I have a very good idea what’s in store. But somehow I think her finger crooking this time had an altogether different meaning.
“Come here, please,” Vanessa said, quietly as I got within whisper range. When I reached her, my eyes followed hers to what caught her attention on the floor. I looked down and saw a skeleton, a dusty, cobweb covered collection of bones. I’m not any kind of a forensic person but there was what appeared to be a bullet hole in the center of the skeleton’s forehead.
“I think whoever that is, or rather was, is dead,” I whispered. We started to attract attention of the other members of the tour as they started walking toward Vanessa and myself.


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