Death in the Primrose Hotel Chapter 2 cont’d…….

Everyone wandered around the room. The decor of the speakeasy was intricately carved walnut paneling now covered with a grayish layer of dust. There were cobwebs everywhere. The dryness of the air and the layers of dust floating in the air caused several a couple of the tour members to start coughing.
“There were two bars for the convenience of the customers, one on each side of the speakeasy and each bar ran the full length of the room.” Madeline flipped a switch by each bar and the shelves were illuminated from the underside of the top casting their beams downward onto the partially filled booze bottles giving the suggestion that the bottles themselves glowed in the various colors of reds, greens, browns and crystal clear. Several bulbs flared brightly and then went dark as the old filaments couldn’t handle a new surge of power.
I noticed that the bars were also intricately carved walnut with fine details on the trim. How they got the bars into the room was a great mystery. The shelves around the mirrors were also of walnut with the same fine details as the bar and extended to the ceiling.
The floor was wood. It appeared to be oak stained dark. I couldn’t tell for sure because the floor was covered with a fine layer of beige dust obscuring its true color. Walking across the floor left footprints like walking in a thin layer of snow. A decorative black painted, stamped tin ceiling created the illusion of additional height in the speakeasy.
The bar stools featured leather covered seats and backs. The leather was now dried and cracked with the padding coming out in places. The carved walnut legs also featured the trim patterns of the bar and back shelves. Each bar had a polished brass foot rail, now tarnished to a dull green, fastened to the bar a few inches above the floor for the comfort of the drinker. Heaven forbid the drinker should become uncomfortable. The areas between the bars was filled with round walnut tables that could seat six or eight people with matching chairs. The table and chairs matched the bar stools and the rest of the woodwork. The liquid that once may have been in the glasses that were left on the bar and a few of the tables had long since evaporated to be replaced by dust.


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