Death in the Primrose Hotel Chapter 2 cont’d…..

We rode the elevator down one story to the sixth floor and walked down the hall to room 607 and stepped inside. It looked liker any other hotel room, a bed, a table and chairs, and a bath off to the side. The only difference in the room was the oversized walk in closet.
“This room was the only entrance, using the special elevator, to the speakeasy down in the secret sub-basement. The elevator only stopped on two floors: the sub-basement and in this sixth floor room. The walk in closet had a secret access panel tucked in the back wall whose existence even the housekeeping staff was unaware. When the hotel was built, this special elevator, as well as the speakeasy, didn’t appear on any known plans.
“This room was never rented but always had a lived in look,” Madeline continued. “The bed was mussed up, used towels casually tossed on the bathroom floor. All of this use was carefully staged to give housekeeping the idea that the room was used. Housekeeping cleaned the room daily even pocketing the dollar tip left for them. They had no idea of the true reason for this room. Because the only known entrance to the sub-basement speakeasy was through this sixth floor room, the speakeasy below was never raided in the thirteen years of prohibition,” Madeline added.
The last stop on our tour was the hidden speakeasy built in an unknown, undocumented sub-basement below the basement. The only access to the old speakeasy was through an old and cramped elevator that probably hasn’t been a serviced since 1933. I think it had a two digit serial number.
The panel hiding the heavy steel door to the four passenger elevator has been removed and the elevator was plainly visible.
“We’ll have to go down to the speakeasy in two trips. I’ll squeeze in on the second trip. Mr. Curtis, will you take charge of the first trip, please?” Madeline asked.
I nodded in agreement and Vanessa and I followed one of the other couples into the elevator, slid the scissors gate closed and pushed the button with the arrow pointing down.


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