Death in the Primrose Hotel Chapter 2 cont’d..

“My name is Madeline and I will be your tour guide this afternoon. My grandfather and then after he passed, my mother once owned the Primrose Hotel. I was practically raised in this hotel. The present owners asked me to come here on this special day, the last day the public will be able to see the inside of the Primrose Hotel to tell its story.
Preservationists failed in their legal efforts to prevent the demolition. Money, or rather the lack of money, was the problem. There were no private funds available to restore the Primrose Hotel and the town of Mossville didn’t have the money either so the Primrose Hotel is scheduled to be turned into a vacant lot starting next Monday. Oh, what a shame it will be.” She took the hankie from her sleeve and dabbed her eyes then returned it to her sleeve.
“My parents used to come here to the Primrose Hotel often when they were courting and continued coming here even after I was born. When I came here as a child with my parents they told me the hotel then looked very much like it did when it first opened.
“Opened in early 1920, the Primrose Hotel was said to be the first Art Deco style building constructed anywhere. The Primrose Hotel started the art deco building craze which included among others, the Chrysler Building in New York City. I’m told that Art Deco style took off during the roaring twenties when life was good and modernization was even better. The beauty and critical success of the Primrose Hotel was an early inspiration for the growth of the style. The exterior had the smooth flowing lines of a streamlined locomotive with stainless steel trim reflecting the gaudy colored neon lights by night and the sunshine by day. The lobby interior continued with the same stainless steel and neon theme and rose two stories. The front desk made of stainless steel, glass and colored neon lights around the edges matched the hotel itself.” Madeline paused to catch her breath and dab her forehead with her lace hankie.
“As you can see,” Madeline resumed, “The floor was crafted of imported black and white Italian marble set in a checkerboard pattern. When the Primrose Hotel first opened there were four sofas upholstered in black leather with matching the stainless steel and glass trim complementing the front desk. The arrangement of the sofas framed surrounding an area of floor which was large enough to actually play floor checkers. Guests could set on the sofas and watch the checker games. When I was a child there were big checkers piled in the center of the checkerboard. My mother once said I could play a game of checkers but I never did.” Madeline took the lace handkerchief from her sleeve again and touched it to her eyes


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