Death in Diamonds Chapter 13 cont’d

“You going to have him help you with Ramirez?”
“I thought I’d ask him after he’s had a few.”
“What do you think about the missing necklace?” Lyons asked.
“Unless we get very lucky, we’re never going to see that necklace again.”
“You’re probably right.” Fred, the bartender, brought two more beers without asking.
“I think I need to call Crystal,” I said.
“Crystal?” Lyons asked.
“The client. Its her necklace.”
I called Crystal’s. Boyle answered. “Boyle, Jake Curtis, how are you?”
“Good, Jake,” Boyle said.
We passed pleasantries for a minute and than I asked, “Is Crystal available?”
“Let me check, hold on.”
A minute later Crystal said. “Hello Jake.”
“Hello Crystal. Terry Perez gave the necklace to her pimp, Ramon Urruela, and he sold it to Julio Ramirez. He’s the last person we know to have had the necklace. We haven’t located him yet. Quite frankly I don’t think we are going to find it unless we get lucky and find Ramirez with it on him. Is Terry Perez still there?”
“Yes. But not for very much longer. We can’t keep her indefinitely.”
“Have Boyle ask her if she knows Julio Ramirez before she goes, will you?”
“Sure, I’ll have him call you.”
“Thanks Crystal,” I said and hung up.
“Call Marilyn and see if she wants to meet us here for dinner,” He took his cell from his pocket and punched in a single digit.
I called Vanessa. “Vanessa Malone,” she answered.
“Hi baby,” I said.
“Hi Jake.”
“How did it go today?”
“The jury was out for only fifteen minutes and came back with a not guilty verdict.”
“Are you finished for the day?” I asked.
“You want to celebrate?”
“With you, sure.”
“Want to meet me at Timothy’s? Lyons and Marilyn will be here. We’ll have dinner.”


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