Death in Diamonds Chapter 12 cont’d….

“Ramon, who would have the balls to steal something from such a well connected hombre as you?” Lyons asked.
“If I tell ju, he’ll kill me,” Ramon said.
“Ramon, if you don’t tell me, I may kill you or he may kill you,” I said pointing to Lyons. “Or maybe Tony Ciano will kill you. But somebody will definitely kill you and I’m closer to you now than any of them. What’s his name?”
Ramon didn’t answer for a few moments then he finally said, “Julio Ramirez .”
“Where can we find this Julio Ramirez?”
“I doan’ know.”
“Ramon, I’m tired. My friend is fresh and eager and will hit you if you don’t tell us the truth.” I said.
“Ramon, lie to us,” Lyons said, punching his right fist into his the palm of his left hand.
“I doan know where he lives. But he hangs in Logan Circle.”
“What’s he look like?” I asked.
“Colombian, black hair combed straight back, about jor size. He a big hombre in the Hispanic gangs. He mean, he just as soon kill ju as look at ju.”
I went to the sink, found a clean towel, soaked it with cold water, rung it out and tossed it to Ramon. He winced as he caught it against his face. As we walked out I saw Solana jump up, beat on Ramon’s already beaten face and cursing him with what I could only assume was a torrid stream of Spanish profanity.


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