Death in Diamonds Chapter 12 cont’d

“If that gun in your hand moves, I will shoot you and bits of your skull and your brains and blood will be splattered all over that wall behind you, do you understand?” I pressed the barrel of my .45 deeper into the bridge of nose as if to press my point forcing him back into the chair. He yelped again in pain.
“Jes,” he said as I took his gun away and handed it to Lyons.
Lyons dropped the magazine from Ramon’s gun and racked the slide back ejecting the bullet from the chamber sending it flying in the air. He deftly caught the bullet in mid-flight with his free hand and slipped the clip, bullet and Ramon’s gun in his pocket.
“Ramon, you remember me?” I asked.
“Jes,” he said automatically touching his bandaged nose.
“Good. We want the necklace that Terry Perez gave you.”
“I doan’ know nothin’ ’bout no necklace.” I hit Ramon on his bandaged nose. He screamed. I try not to punch anyone in the mouth with my bare fists. Teeth can do more damage to a fist than bare knuckles can do to a mouth. For dental work I prefer a Louisville Slugger, it works better.
“Ramon, the necklace.”
“I doan got no necklace.”
“Ramon, Ramon. Do I have to hit you again?” I asked.
“Let me,” Lyons said.
“Ok. Next time, I promise.” I said to Lyons. “Ramon, the my friend wants to hit you and he hits a lot harder than I do so Ramon, don’t make me let him hit you. Now, I’ll tell you again, we want the necklace Terry Perez stole and gave you.”
“She lie. She didin’ give me no necklace.” I hit him with another left jab to his broken nose. He screamed and started to rise from the chair. I hit him again with a right cross putting my whole body behind the punch. It knocked him back into the chair.
“You promised I could hit him,” Lyons said.
“Sorry, next time.”


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