Death in Diamonds Chapter 11 cont’d…

Solana made another lung and finally reached Ramon. She started slapping his already bloody face. Solana’s hot blooded Latin spitfire temperament poured forth and Lyons needed both hands and a lot of strength to keep her from killing Ramon before we could find out more about the necklace.
“You know Tony Ciano, don’t you?” I asked Lyons, looking at him after Solana quieted.
“Yeah, why?”
“Do you think Tony C. would be interested in knowing that Ramon here is skimming his money?”
“I think Tony C. would very much like to know that Ramon is stealing from him,” Lyons said. Ramon cringed and cowered back.
“I doan steal no the money from Mr. C.”
“Ramon, who stole the necklace?” I asked when his breathing return closer to normal. His shirt was now pink with his watered down blood. The bleeding from Ramon’s nose slowed. His right eye was swollen completely closed and his left eye was barely open. His face turned black, blue and pulpy. I don’t know how much more he could take before he passed out – for good. And I didn’t give a damn.
“I doan know.” I hit him with a left jab to his broken nose. He screamed and started to rise from the chair. Blood started flowing down his shirt again. I hit him again with a right cross putting my shoulder behind the punch knocking him back into the chair.
“You promised I could hit him again.”
“Sorry, next time.”
Solana jumped up from the floor grabbing a dirty chef knife from the sink and ran to us. I’m not sure who she intended to use that knife on, Lyons, myself or Ramon. Lyons grabbed the hand that held the knife and bent her arm backwards over her shoulder where an arm was never intended to be bent. Solana screamed in pain and the knife clattered to the floor. Lyons swung his fist and hit Solana in the middle of her face. She screamed again. I heard his punch land and break her nose knocking her back into the corner. The front of her white sleep tee turned red as blood ran down from her broken nose.


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