Death in Diamonds Chapter 11 cont’d..

“Ramon, we’re going to need more than just ‘El hombre’ here. Who stole it?”
“A man I know.”
I stepped aside and waved Lyons towards Ramon and said, “Your turn.” Lyons walked up to Ramon and without saying a word hit him with a right uppercut to the solar plexus knocking Ramon and the chair over and causing Ramon to gasp for each breath. Solana screamed once, got up from the floor and tried to comfort Ramon. Lyons pushed Solana back into the corner. While Ramon struggled to regain his breath. Lyons and I got Ramon back on the chair.
“Next time, maybe we should bring some rope and duct tape,” Lyons said.
“Remind me next time.”
Solana came running back to us and started beating me on the back with both fists. Lyons backhanded her across the face with his left hand. She fell backwards. His Marine Corp ring opened a cut causing a trickle of blood to flow from the corner of her mouth. I went to the sink, turned on the cold water tap, retrieved a glass and a dirty dish rag. I filled the glass and soaked the dish cloth. I threw the wet cloth to Solana. It landed on her chest. I threw the water from the glass in Ramon’s face. He started to come around.
“Ramon, does Solana here know you been sleeping with Terry Perez?” I asked. He moaned. I’m not sure if it was from the beating we gave him or the beating he could look forward to from Solana.
“You puerco,” swine, Solana shouted at Ramon, trying to get up.
“He lie. I doan sleep with anybody but ju, baby,” Ramon said.
“Ju puerco acostado,” you lying pig, Solana shouted
“Amor mi,” my love, “there is no one but ju,” Ramon pleaded.
“Bullshit,” Solana spat out in unaccented English.


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