Death in Diamonds Chapter 11 cont’d.

“I doan got no necklace.”
“Ramon, Ramon. Do I have to hit you again?” I asked.
“Let me,” Lyons said.
“Ok. Next time, I promise.” I said to Lyons. “Ramon, the my friend wants to hit you and he hits a lot harder than I do so Ramon, don’t make me let him hit you. Now, I’ll tell you again, we want the necklace Terry Perez stole and gave you.”
“She lie. She didin’ give me no necklace.” I hit him with another left jab to his broken nose. He screamed and started to rise from the chair. I hit him again with a right cross putting my whole body behind the punch. It knocked him back into the chair.
“You promised I could hit him,” Lyons said.
“Sorry, next time.”
“I’ve heard that before.”
“Terry Perez said she gave the necklace to you. She confessed to stealing it and giving it to you. We want it back and we want it back now.”
“Man, I toll ju, she didin’ give me no necklace.”
Solana made a lunge for me. Her fingernails, extended like cat’s claws defending her cubs were aimed for my eyes. Lyons grabbed her by the hair and flung her back across the kitchen. She crashed into a corner and landed in a heap with the hem of her sleep tee around her waist. Solana was naked under the tee. She started to cry. Her crying didn’t faze me.
“Once more Ramon, we want the necklace.”
“Man, I toll ju…” I didn’t wait for him to finish his lie. I hit him again. His right eye was beginning to close. His nose bled down the front of his white tee shirt.
“Aw you promised,” Lyons said.
“Sorry. Hey Ramon, lie to me again so the my friend can hit you, ok?”
“Thanks,” Lyons said.
“One last time Ramon, where is the necklace?” I asked.
“Hey Ramon, lie to him so I can hit you,” Lyons said. “I haven’t hit anyone all morning.”
“It got stole.”
“Stole. What so you mean stole?” I asked.
“Aw, damn,” Lyons said.
“Who stole the necklace from big bad you?” I asked.
“El hombre.” The man.


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