Death in Diamonds Chapter 11

I called Lyons as soon as I reached the office the morning following Vanessa and my date night.. “Corporal, I think I need to talk with Ramon Urruela this morning and I think it might be a good idea if you tagged along. How about meeting me here at the office and bring donuts, the coffee’s dripping.”
“Can I put the donuts on my expense account?”
“What expense account?” He was here in twenty minutes with a box of Dunkin’ Donuts
We drove to Ramon’s address on Riggs Street just west of Thirteenth Street. He lived in what were called when they were built of red brick around 1900 and 1910, Row Houses. Today the yuppies call them Town Houses.
“How do you want to work this?” Lyons asked.
“I think we’ll knock on the door, barge in when he opens it and beat the crap out of him until he begs us to take the necklace back,” I said.
“That works for me.”
I knocked on the door and a well endowed Hispanic woman of about twenty-two with dark hair to her shoulders opened the door. She stood five feet two inches in her bare feet and wearing a knee length white sleep tee shirt and not much else. She held a cup of black coffee in her hand. I noticed that her fingernails were claw like.
“Solana, we want to see Ramon,” I said.
“How come ju know my name?” She asked.
“We’re detectives, we know everything. We want to talk with Ramon.”
“He’s no here.”


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