Death in Diamonds Chapter 11 cont’d

We got the our front door and paused, staring into each others eyes like lovers on their first date together wondering if there is going to be a kiss. And if so would it be soft with the lips just barely touching or would it be a long deep passionate kiss. I leaned my lips toward hers. She stood still. Our lips touched. Gently, softly. Vanessa responded. She leaned into the kiss. Our lip pressures increased. I could feel her lips part. I responded with the tip of my tongue. The tip of her tongue met mine. It was electrifying as always. We kissed deeper. Our hands roamed each other’s body. Frenzy began taking over. We pulled each other into a hard kiss. We couldn’t get enough of each other.
“Open the door,” Vanessa half purred, half demanded.
I opened the door.
We started removing each other’s clothes as we made our way to the bedroom. We left a trail of discarded clothing from the door to the bedroom. I slid Vanessa’s red thong down her shapely legs and laid her in the center of our bed. She reached out to me and when I came within her reach, she drew me down to her. We kissed deeply, passionately. We made love. And made love again and again. We finally fell asleep intertwined in each other arms and legs. I have found with Vanessa that passion spawned by love is always the best passion.


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