Death in Diamonds Chapter 11

When I walked into Timothy’s Pub Vanessa was seated in our favorite booth. I slid into the banquette beside her, our hips touching. Her warm lips tasted as sweet as honey on mine. It was our weekly ‘date night’. Once a week we went out on a date, tonight’s the night. We met in this very booth a little over a year ago. Vanessa is the child of retired Marine Corp full bird colonel father and a high school English teacher mother. She graduated Georgetown University and Georgetown Law.
Vanessa is a tall graceful natural redhead, twenty seven years old with a full figure and a loving personality. Finding and marrying her was the best thing I ever did. Ask her, she’ll tell you.
We ate dinner at our leisure. By some unspoken agreement, we left our day and its problems outside Timothy’s door. We didn’t talk of her upcoming court case or Crystal O’Shea and her necklace. This was our time; Vanessa’s and mine. We talked of us, our plans hand hopes.
I could feel the warmth of her body radiating through the fabric of her skirt and my slacks. I knew just looking at the freckles on her face and the smile in her eyes that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. The more that I’m with her, the more I hate our daily separations and the more joyous our reuniting is at the end of the day.
Mellowed by the bottle of wine we had with dinner there was nothing or no one in the world but the two of us. We left Timothy’s hand in hand, leaning shoulder to shoulder as if we were holding each other up. We walked without words the few short blocks to our apartment. I thought with anticipation as I always do about holding Vanessa in my arms. Feeling her body against mine. Feeling her heartbeat blending with my own. Feeling her heat combine with mine.


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