Death in Diamonds Chapter 10 cont’d…..

“So how you going to get it back?” Boyle asked.
“I doan know,” Terry started sobbing again.
Terry, who is Solana Torres?” I asked.
Terry hesitated monetarily as if she were thinking of an answer that wouldn’t get her hit again, than answered. “I doan know. Boyle slapped her again. His face was stoic but his eyes were smiling. Tears flowed down her red cheeks again.
“I doan know!” Terry screamed.
“She lives with Ramon, “ I said.
“Ju lie. Ramon loves me. He doan live with no puta,” whore, she shouted.
“I found his address. There were two names on the mailbox; his and Solana Torres.”
“Ju lie.” She shouted then burst into more uncontrollable sobs.
“So, again, how you going to get the necklace back ?” Boyle said.
“I doan know.”
“You might try asking him for it. Tell him that the owner will turn you over to the cops for the theft and him over for receiving stolen goods if it is not returned,” I said.
“And if he doan give it back to me, what then?”
“Well,” Boyle said, “that will be just too bad for you, won’t it.”
“He’ll beat me,” she whimpered.
“What makes you think I won’t?” Boyle asked.
“Is there some place we can go for a short confab?” I whispered to Crystal. She nodded and indicated the other door in the room.
Crystal, Boyle and I went into the other room after checking that Terry was still securely bound to the chair. “We can’t let her go home now, she’ll tell Ramon and he’ll get rid of the necklace.” I said.
“You want us to hold her here,” Crystal asked.
“Crystal, I’ll stay down here if you can get one of our cop friends to cover upstairs tonight. Some one who doesn’t look like a cop,” Boyle said.
“I’ll make some calls,” Crystal said.
“Tomorrow my associate and I will pay a call on Ramon,” I said.
“Wait a minute ’til I get back,” Boyle said as he left the room. When he returned, he injected Terry with a cloudy drug. Within seconds Terry was unconscious. “She’ll be out for hours.” Crystal and I left the basement.
“He gave her a powerful knockout drug,” Crystal said, as we rode the elevator upstairs.


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