Death in Diamonds Chapter 10 cont’d….

“What did you do with it?” Boyle asked. She didn’t answer. Boyle pressed the point of the his switchblade against her cheek drawing a drop of blood. Terry screamed. A dark stain appeared at the crotch of her jeans and a pale yellow liquid cascaded from the front edge of her chair to the floor.
“I pissed myself,” Terry wailed through her sobs. No one cared.
“What did you do with the necklace?” Boyle asked again. The point of his knife still touching her cheek.
“I gave it to Ramon,” Terry answered between the sobs.
“Ramon who?” Boyle asked.
“Ramon Urruela, he’s my boyfriend.” Terry said, the crying stopped. It was as if the mention of Ramon’s name strengthened her.
“What’s Ramon’s last name?” Boyle asked.
“Urruela,” Terry said.
“Spell it.”
“U-R-R-U-E-L-A,” Terry spelled it out.
“What did Ramon do with the necklace?” Boyle asked.
“I doan know,” Terry said.
“Terry, Terry, Terry, do I have to cut you?” Boyle asked pressing the knife point on the tip of her nose. Another drop of blood. She cringed and pulled away from him as far as her bindings would allow.
“I gave it to him. I doan know what he did with it, maybe he sell it.”
“Why did you give it to him?”
“He say it was pretty. He say he wanted it.”
Boyle enjoyed this kind of work He could kill Terry and not think twice about it but with Crystal, he was so very gentle. I discovered the complex person that is Boyle Cavanaugh.
“Terry, do you know what that necklace is worth?” Boyle asked.
“Its worth more than you’ll ever make in your lifetime on your back peddling your ass on the street. I want it back and I want it back now,” Boyle said. “Or something bad will happen to you. Do you understand me?”


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