Death in Diamonds Chapter 10 cont’d…

We parked in the alley, knocked on the basement door and Crystal let us in. She had changed into an old flannel shirt, worn blue jeans and dirty white sneakers; a departure from her normally elegant attire.
Boyle pushed Terry down into the chair, tied her securely to the chair with duct tape and took off the blindfold.
“Terry,” Boyle started, “we are to ask you some questions and you are going to answer them truthfully, and quickly. If you don’t, you’ll be sorry, very sorry. Why did you steal Crystal’s necklace?”
“I didin’ steal nothin’,” Terry said. Boyle smacked her across the face with an open hand. The sound of skin on skin startled Crystal and me. Terry screamed and started to cry.
“Why did you steal Crystal’s necklace?” Boyle asked again.
“I didin’ steal nothin’,” Terry said again sobbing. Boyle smacked her across the face again.
“I’m going to ask you one more time and if I don’t get a satisfactory answer,” Boyle said, pulling a switchblade knife from his pocket, snapping the blade open and hovered it near her left cheek, “I’m going to cut your face and fix it so that you will have an ugly scar for life. Who’ll want to pay to fuck an ugly, scarfaced whore? Now, again, why did you steal Crystal’s necklace?”
“I saw it, it looked valuable, I took it.” Terry said through her sobs.
“That’s a good answer.”
“Where did you see it?” I asked.
“In Crystal’s office.”
“How did you get in Crystal’s office?”
“It was unlocked. I just walked in.” That confirmed our theory.
“What were you doing in Crystal’s office?”
“I doan know.” Boyle slapped her again this time so hard that her head snapped to her shoulder and back up. As gentle as Boyle seems, I realized just how brutal he could be if sufficiently provoked.
“I know what you were doing. You stole Crystal’s necklace,” Boyle shouted.”
“No I din…” Terry started to deny stealing the necklace but stopped. She was probably smart enough to know that lying after telling the truth would earn her a helluva beating.


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