Deqth in diamonds Chapter 10 cont’d.

“Yes,” Boyle said.
“Here’s what we’ll do. Boyle and I will take her for a ride then bring her into the basement from the alley. Crystal you open the door and let us in. Is there a hard uncomfortable chair in the room?”
“I don’t know, but I’ll check while you’re driving around and have someone put one in if there’s not.”
“No,” Boyle said. “We don’t want anymore people involved in this than is absolutely necessary.”
“You’re right,” Crystal said. “I’ll do it myself.”
“Crystal, don’t say anything. Terry may recognize your voice,” I said.
“Ok. But what about you too,” Crystal asked.
“We’ll just have to take that chance. She’ll now anyway that Boyle and I took her for a ride. But she won’t know where we took her,” I said.
Boyle and I took her out the front door, put her in my Jeep, blindfold her and drove her around the city, through Georgetown, through Rock Creek Park, around downtown, around Capitol Hill, crossed the Memorial Bridge into Virginia, the George Washington Parkway and back into D.C. over the Chain bridge and finally back into Crystal’s basement.
Boyle sat in the back with the blindfold Terry. When another car pulled up next to us he grabbed her by the hair and forced her face into his lap. Boyle and I held a conversation about the gun he carried and we made comparisons to the one I carried. We wanted Terry to know we were armed and implying we just might kill her. I changed the pace of my driving to confuse her; to keep her from concentrating on the streets and turns we traveled. I made jackrabbit starts, brake squealing stops, turns on two wheels. I looked back at her through the rear view mirror. Her olive complexion looked as white as a sheet of paper. It’s show time.


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