Death in Diamonds Chapter 10 cont’d

“Or Terry was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Crystal said cynically.
“But we have nothing we can take to the cops,” I said.
“I said, no cops,” Crystal said.
“Jake, this is a brothel. We don’t need cops all over the place,” Boyle said. I nodded my head in agreement.
“Crystal, do you have some cops on your payroll?”
“Sure, you can’t be in this business and not have some police in your pocket,” Crystal said.
“Can you talk to them?”
“No, they’re vice. They steer any investigation away from us or if they can’t, they let us know what’s about to happen,” Crystal said.
“What are you going to do?” I asked.
“I’ll have to think about it,” Crystal said.
“Also, Terry Perez is turning tricks on the street. I saw her myself this afternoon,” I said.
“Boyle, get rid of her, tonight,” Crystal spit out.
“Crystal,” Boyle began, “maybe we should give this some thought. Maybe we should see how this thing with Terry and the necklace plays out. She’s gone, but a few days one way or the other won’t matter. Just don’t assign her any important clients.”
“You’re right Boyle,” she said patting his hand and looking into his eyes.
“I also found out where Ramon Urruela lives,” I said.
“Ramon Urruela?” Crystal asked.
“Yeah, Ramon Urruela, Terry’s pimp slash boyfriend.”
“What do you suggest we do, Jake?” Crystal asked.
“I suggest we talk to her again, here, with Boyle and yourself present,” I said. “Some serious questioning.
The phone on the desk rang. Crystal stood, walked to her desk and picked up the ringing phone. She listened for a few seconds than said, “Thank you,” and hung up. Turning to Boyle and myself, she said, “Terry Perez is here.
“Do you have an empty unused storage room in the basement that may look like a grungy dungeon and is there an outside entrance to it from the alley ?” I asked.


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