Death in Diamonds Chapter 10

The drive to Crystal’s was uneventful. My mind was on dinner later tonight with Vanessa.
I rang Crystal’s bell and Boyle promptly opened the door. “Jake,” he said, “come on in.”
“Hello Boyle,” I said extending my hand.
“Crystal’s expecting us,” he said as he led me into her office. She stood when I entered and we shook hands.
“Jake, lets sit over on the sofa and be comfortable,” Crystal said pointing to a furniture grouping in a corner of her office. I sat on the sofa next to her and Boyle sat in the matching side chair on Crystal’s other side.
“Boyle told me that you both think Terry Perez stole my necklace,” Crystal said.
“Yes,” I answered. “But we have no witnesses.”
“Jake, I asked around and Terry was in the house when the things disappeared,” Boyle said.
“Boyle, do you think Terry stole the the missing items?” Crystal asked.
“Yes,” he said.
“Terry had the three conditions necessary to commit a crime; means, motive opportunity. She had the means. The door was unlocked. She had the opportunity, she was using the room next to your office and the motive: she’s a thief. And wanted the money she thought it would bring. She probably tried your door out of curiosity knowing it was your office and discovered the door unlocked. She thought she wouldn’t be detected and entered your office, tried your desk and stumbled across the fact that your desk was unlocked and snooping around just happened across your necklace box. Curiosity got the better of her. She opened the box and saw more diamonds then she’d ever see again in her lifetime, grabbed it and hurried from your office. It was a crime of opportunity. Your necklace just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.


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