Death in Diamonds Chapter 9 conclusion

“Murdoch,” he said answering the phone.
“Bob, this is Jake Curtis. How you doing?”
“Whadda ya want this time? You always call when ya want something,” he said.
“Yeah, but you love me anyway,” Not waiting for him to get in another crack, I asked, “Who runs prostitution in the city?”
“Why da ya want to know.” He asked.
“I’m working on a case involving hookers and pimps.”
“Its a nasty job but someone’s got to do it.”
“Yeah. So who runs the prostitution in the city?” I asked again.
“Tony Ciano,” Murdoch said.
“Thanks, I owe you one,” I said and hung up before he could make another snide remark. Bob Murdoch is a good cop who doesn’t like PIs. He thinks they get in the way of real investigations. You know, the ones conducted by the cops. Bob will share information with me if its to his advantage because he knows I wouldn’t bullshit him. It’s never a one way street.
I called Lyons. He gave me an update on Ramon. He collected from six more hookers this afternoon then went home. Lyons gave me Ramon’s address. He said there were two names on the mailbox, Urruela’s and a Solana Torres. He probably really did need the rest.
“You ever do any work for Tony Ciano?” I asked.
“Yeah, why?” Lyons asked.
“I need to know if Ramon Urruela is connected with Tony Ciano.”
If Ramon is a pimp, he’s connected with Tony Ciano,” Lyons said.


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